SAIS has taken part to this exhibition which took place in Baku – Azerbaijan from May 15th to May 17th, with high participation of domestic and neighboring countries farmers, distributors and  operators.

The export of vegetables, mainly tomatoes and peppers towards Russia, adds up to the domestic market, favored by the current geopolitical situation which contributes in motivating local producers to use innovative varieties

SAIS is positioning  itself on the Azerbaijani and mid-Asian markets with its range of indeterminate cherry, beaf and saladette tomatoes, long and oval aubergines, Crimson-type watermelons and pumpkins which have already stood out in neighboring markets.

The fair was an opportunity to consolidate relationships with pre-existing distributors throughout the area and acquire new contacts

A phase of the “World Championship for chefs” took place concurrently with the fair , with numerous high level cooks performing  in front of a large audience, creating an atmosphere of involvement with consumers.