Other types

Variety Cycle / Growing Plant Fruit Typology
(Italiano) Kawaii Lady F1 New! early vigorous with high yielding almost smooth, 3-4 kg average weight smooth short-butternut
Uchiki kuri vigorous and productive Hokkaido type
Marina di Chioggia vigorous and productive flat, wrinkled with grey-green colour
Musquée de Provence vigorous and very productive flat, ribbed with yellow-brown colour
Lunga piena di Napoli vigorous and very productive cylindrical, green colour with yellow stripes
Asterix vigorous and productive flat, grey-green colour with orange stripes
Berrettina di Piacenza o Berretta Piacentina vigorous flat with smooth skin and grey-green colour
Quintale seme giallo vigorous with high yielding round, slightly falt and ribbed with yellow-orange colour