In December we visited Garde, Giusti y Chuchuy company, our exclusive distributor for Argentina.

Dr. Claudio Garde, President of the G.G.CH. , tells us that their business is expanding thanks to the continuous search for innovative varieties

and a technical and commercial network deeply rooted in the territory.


Since the 80s SAIS spa has been their supplier of typically Italian items such as basil, swisschard, chicory, onions, parsley, rocket, etc.,

very common in a population with a high Italian descent.

The affirmation of the SAIS brand, synonymous with quality and innovation, has favored the subsequent introduction of value-added varieties

such as the Basils Gemma and Geniale , with compact plants and high aroma, the Swisschard Candida resistant to pre-flowering, the Pea Falchetto with high yield, the rocket Darkita which stands out for its intense color and jagged leaf, the radishes Gigante Siculo and Meditex, and has broaden the range to hybrid varieties of tomatoes, eggplants, peppers and chili peppers.

Eng. Gonzalo Raggio, Product Development Manager, reports that the indeterminate tomato Rossetto F1 has been a reference variety in North-East Argentina for some years thanks to its cultural adaptability and high yield.  Eggplant Teti F1 continues to receive excellent acceptance thanks to the uniformity, high yield and presentation of the products.




Pepper Ascanio F1 continues to acquire market shares in the “Lamuyo” segment due to the vigorous plant and high productivity.


During the 2023 season,  SAIS varietal range in Argentina enriched with round onion Tropea , rocket Megane rocket, baby leaf / oriental range,

snack chillies and cherry tomatoes 119SA901 and 116SA961.