Uniform line obtained from our “Genovese classico”. Medium compact plant, wide leaves, spoon shaped with dark and bright green colour. Intense flavour. Availability of the seed “FT”, officially tested “Zero” Fusarium oxysporum and “Zero” dodder seed.

Components and essential oils content

Superbo has been obtained selecting and isolating plants with high essential oils content (cineol, eugenol, linalol) that gives intense, fragrant, fresh smell. The variety do not contain estragol, responsible for the mint flavour.

Essential oil superbo

The above data have been obtained from analysis made by gascromatography with FID (HRGC) detector and mass spectrometer (GC/MS) on plants at 65 days from sowing, grown in pots. The total content expressed in mg/100g of fresh product (leaves) can change according to the plant age, light and temperature conditions, cultivation techniques.

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