Eggplants: our proposals.

In the market of elongated eggplant, Sais proposes two varieties: Elettra and Teti.

ELETTRAis an eggplant with elongated fruit, slightly clavate at the bottom, dark black color. Calyx without spines. White pulp with few seeds. The plant is vigorous and with high yielding, suitable for open field and greenhouse cultivation.

TETI is an eggplant with clavate fruit and large top, very dark black color and very bright, green calyx with no spines. Excellent shelf life. The plant is vigorous with high yielding, suited for open field and greenhouse cultivation.

In the market of oval fruit, our best variety in terms of quality, is MYRNA.



The fruit is bright and dark black, with regular shape, white pulp with few seeds. The plant is vigorous, suitable for greenhouse cultivation.

For the round eggplant, our proposal is NIOBE with dark purple fruit, violet calyx and white undercalyx.



The brightness and the intensity of the color are improved by exposure to the sun, so lower density of transplanting can help in greenhouse cultivation. The pulp is white with few seeds and pleasantly sweet.