SAIS-Terranova Seeds: Tomato Mygliorito F1

Today we are together with Dusan Marinkovic, technical manager of Terranova Seeds, who talks about the commercial and promotional development of the Mygliorito tomato from SAIS in Australia.

Sais is pleased to continue its commercial development in Australia, considering it a market of great potential for tomato. Terranova Seeds confirms the good commercial relationship that has been going on for some years now and that is focusing more and more on the hybrids that recall the Mediterranean tradition.

Dusan, first of all, thank you for your time.

Thank you for the opportunity. It is a great pleasure with this interview to be able to tell the main peculiarities of Mygliorito tomato.

What are the strengths of variety?

First of all we are talking about a cherry tomato that has a very vigorous indeterminate plant, suitable for the varied Australian climate. Among the main strengths is certainly the high productivity. We can also notice the consistency of the truss, very regular and at the same time very linear, uniform and elegant.

For us it is also very important the uniformity of the size. Finally  we cannot overlook the colour. In fact, another positive aspect is certainly the bright red of Mygliorito.




What is the target market?

Consider that Australia has a large fresh tomato market, so I feel I can say that the main outlet market is the domestic one.

Does the presence of many Italians in Australia help the commercial development of tomatoes?

Obviously, this aspect helps a lot. Australia has different cultures inside. I must admit that the culture of Mediterranean products and of the horticultural sector in general is growing. A glaring example is the growth of snacks made of tomatoes, for example cherries.




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