We pay particular attention to the varieties of the Mediterranean area, to the general taste and to the evolution of consumption models.


CHICORY Rosa di Gorizia – This variety is perfect for winter crops and needs forcing. It has a open head and a bright red with shades of pink.







CHICORY Variegata di Castelfranco MASERA’ – Selection of self-whitening late cycle. It has thick white leaves with purple/red curved edges.





HOT PEPPER Calabrese Lungo – Strong plant, perfect for intensive fields and greenhouses. It is a spicy fruit from the “cayenne” type, with a thin medium green and bright red pulp when mature.




HOT PEPPER Calabrese giallo – Strong plant, perfect for intensive fields and greenhouses. It is a spicy fruit from the “cayenne” type, with a thin medium green and bright yellow/orange pulp when mature.



HOT PEPPER Diavolicchio Calabrese – Small leaf plant with growth of fruit clusters. Fruits have a tapered shape, slightly oval with a tip that slightly curves in a peculiar way.




HOT PEPPER Kiska – Medium determined plant with an early cycle, perfect for intensive field cultivations, greenhouses and vases. They are spicy fruits (40 mm. long and 10/12 mm wide at the collar), which form dark green and bright orange clusters when mature.





HOT PEPPER Cayatue – Determined plant, perfect for cultivations in vase and border crops. These are red spicy fruits when mature, divided in clusters with a extended-conical shape (60×10 mm).





HOT PEPPER Aji Amarillo – The plant from this variety of hopt pepper looks like a small tree, with green oval big leaves and falling flowers with a white corolla and some yellow spots on petals. The fruit dimension can reach up to 15 m of lenght and 4/5 cm of width. When fully mature, it is yellow-orange.





HOT PEPPER Chupetino – Strong plant, perfect for intensive field cultivation and greenhouses. These spicy fruits have a particular round shape, they are not very big and slightly extended on the extremity. Finally, they are green and red when mature.





HOT PEPPER Seven Pod – Very strong plant with pendulous habit. The fruits are similar to the habanero but the peel is wrincklier. The color changes from light green to orange and red when mature.





INDETERMINED TOMATO 121SA981 F1 – Very productive plant. The fruit is extended into a light bulb shape of a bright yellow with a medium weight of 25 g and a very sweet taste.





INDETERMINED TOMATO 121SA962 F1 – Medium strenght plant. It is an oval-round shaped fruit of a dark green colour with blue shades, but when mature, it becomes red with the same shades as before (20-25 gr).





INDETERMINED TOMATO 120SA701 F1 – Medium strenght plant. This fruit belongs to the “Corno delle Ande” type. It has a pretty big dimension (120 g), with a medium green color and a red color when mature.





INDETERMINED TOMATO 116SA312 F1 – Medium strenght plant of the “Cuor di Bue Classico” type, big dimensions (250-300g), a light green color and red when mature, a sweet pulp and an excellent taste.




INDETERMINED TOMATO 120SA352 F1 – “Cuore di bue” type. Medium strenght plant with a higher productivity than the usual. It is also good for plant transplants in greenhouses and intensive fields. It has a heart shape fruit of medium-big dimension and usual light green color that turns into red when mature. The pulp is full and juicy with an exquisite taste.



DETERMINED TOMATO 120SA652 F1 – Determined plant of medium strenght, medium early. The fruit is extended, it belongs to the “datterino” type with a weight of about 30-35 gr. and a bright red color with a good endurance to the over-maturation. Brix is high, which is ideal for the production of high quality salsa.