Even this year SAIS confirms its position among italian basil market.

SAIS choice of “Genovese” basil has conquered the markets thanks to the quality of varieties, the differentiation of the range and the reliability of seed quality.

Open field cultivation

Basilico- coltivazione pieno campo

The QUALITY OF VARIETIES is based on the conservation of the typical characteristics of “Genovese” basil as aroma and leaves.

The DIFFERENTIATION OF SAIS CHOICE allows to cover the main markets: cutting, bouquet and pot in all production times.

Gecom Gemma

Pot cultivation

The RELIABILITY OF SEED is guaranteed by production made exclusively in Italy under the strict control of Technical department of Sais that, year by year, makes sure of the quality of seed even to most demanding client.

Furthermore Sais is constantly committed in breeding programme with the aim to obtain varieties that can give an answer to the new needs of producers and markets….quality never ends.