Yuppy!…the taste is arriving.

YUPPY! was born from an evident reality: the varieties become unique and inimitable only if they are linked to specific agronomic conditions and to an agricultural mentality ables to cultivate and to protect them.



Knowing this, SAIS wanted to develop a brand that identifies the excellence of a production process that, starting from the technical innovation of the SAIS varieties, reaches the top of the quality through the competence of farmers and the vocation of the territories.


To highlight this synergy to the consumer, in addition to the application of an identification label of the YUPPY! Brand, a mini brochure has been created where the farmer and the area of ​​cultivation are indicated.



A QR code on the brochure allows you to consult a dedicated web page, where images and videos present the farmer, the places and the crops, accompanying the consumer in this sensory experience called YUPPY!

Considering the long SAIS experience in the round salad tomato and the deep knowledge of the areas suitable for its cultivation, the project started with YUP F1 variety and in the most vocated area for this production: the area of Siracusa where, in Pachino and in Portopalo di CP, the cultivation of the round salad tomato has become tradition.

From this bond between variety, territor and farmer was born the idea that YUP + Carmelo, Saverio, Salvatore and Santo could become YUPPY!



Here, some growers and companies that made possible the start of this adventure:


Saverio and Salvatore










and above all the soil, the sea and the sun of Italy