We have interwieved Eng. Atif Ali, techical manager of the company Al AREEN AGRICULTURAL FOR TRADING EST. – Saudi Arabia , distributor for SAIS Sementi since 2015 .

The company name “ Al Areen “ means in Arabic language   “ The Lion’s house “  and it proves the determined profile of the enterprise, which is experiencing a great growth in business thanks to a very efficient and well-rooted-in the area technical and sales business unit

“ Thanks to the Government who has implemented policies in favor of investments in tourism and  easier  entrance procedures for foreign visitors, the vegetables market in Saudi Arabia has opened to new cromatic and sophisticated species.

A clear example for this is the production of cherry and miniplum tomatoes in various color, round squashes,  squashes with persistant flower , round cherry hot peppers, colored habanero,  orange sweet peppers etc.

The vastity of cultivable lands and the huge availability of foreign manpower attracted by good salary levels satisfty the internal demand of a population of more than 35 millions people and of a growing number of tourists.

SAIS  is a dynamic and up to date supplier which can provide us  innovative and high quality varieties like

–  NINFA eggplant , that stands out for a brilliant black color, high yielding, tolerance to low temperatures in open field and into the high tunnel for winter crops ;      

– TROFEO F1 conical sweet pepper,  particularly appreciated in the Al Qasim area for its large sizing,  for its resistance to TSW , tolerance to cold temperatures ;


– MATTADORES F1 conical sweet pepper, longer and thinner at the calyx, with intense dark green color

– GIUBILEO F1 , conical sweet pepper that stands up for a dark green and golden yellow color when ripe, large sizing and yielding , good taste , long shelf life when ripe ;

– Lamuyo GAON F1  sweet pepper, early cycle, large sizing,  high percentage of four-lobate fruits.

– CRIMSON GIANT round red radish –  increasing every year its market share, grown in various parts of the country

Also MIGLIORITO F1 tomato cherry and ROSSETTO F1 miniplum are promising varieties.

Since the cherry / miniplum tomatoes market is moving towards new smaller size varieties, on the 2023-2024 season PRALYNA F1 , JOYELLO F1 and 116SA956 varieties will be tested.”