SALAD ROUND TOMATO: a ten- year experience

In the global scenario of fresh tomato production, Italy is still an unique country for the high segmentation of this market. In this peculiarity the salad round tomato, with medium-small size, plays a significant role.

The tomato is round, dark green, bright colour with marked shoulder, average weight 70-80g. The taste is inimitable, given by a perfect balance between soruness and sweetness.

Sais is commitment in its breeding program from over 15 year, with the aim to join the traditional taste with innovative technologies such as pathogen resistance and high yielding.

Even today for the traditional market our best proposal is KALLYSPERA F1.

KALLYSPERA- frutto invaiato

KALLYSPERA- fruit at turning stage

KALLYSPERA F1 is variety obtained ten years ago. It shows all features of traditional product (taste, colour and size) and innovative traits like high yield, nice crispness of the pulp and long shelf life.

The success of development of the variety has been based on continuity with tradition. SAIS managed to improve the product without betraying the customer expectations.

That is why today, Kallyspera F1 is the choice of many growers that want to produce the quality expected by the market of this unique tomato.

Carmelo Dinatale, grower in Portopalo- Siracusa (Sicily), speaks about his experience with Kallyspera : “We started with Kallyspera F1 ten years ago, after some trials with other varieties. We learned the plant and appreciated the fruit, the taste, the crunchy pulp the long shelf life. When the fruit starts the turning stage, it is sour with sweet after-taste, at 50-70% of the ripening it reaches the right balance between sourness and sweetness and then…you fall in love”.



” Kallyspera long shelf life allowed me to supply Northern Italy and Northern Europe where the product now is recognized and required. My company discovers also the quality of Kallyspera for processing tomato, thanks to yield and brix”.

KALLYSPERA- frutto rosso

KALLYSPERA- red fruit

An additional experience comes from Corrado Frisa, a producer of this type of tomato since twenty-five years in Portopalo- Siracusa (Sicily).

“I have started with Kallyspera more than 5 years ago. It allowed me to supply market in Northern Europe thanks to the long shelf life, the crunchy pulp and the bright red colour at full ripening. Here in Italy, tomatoes as Kallyspera are consumed  at turning stage but only Kallyspera can be sold as red too. The crunchy pulp, the colour and especially the unique taste conquered a niche of market very loyal to the variety.”

Outside the salt water areas, SAIS proposes another variety : YUP F1.

YUP- frutto coltivato  FONDI

YUP- fruit

It can be the answer for those who would like to produce round salad tomato with medium-small size even in “sweet” water conditions.

The fruit remains dark and bright in colour, with medium-small size (around 60-80g). The plant is vigorous wiht high yield and good package of resistances.

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