Outstanding result of SAIS Eggplant and Pepper in Argentina

We have interviewed Federico Ricart, agronomic and technical sales engineer for Central Argentina area of Garde Giusti y Chuchuy, one of the most important international SAIS’partners since several years. In particular, the focus of the interview has been drawn on the crops of our eggplant Teti F1 and pepper Ascanio F1.




“The productions take place between latitudes -29 and -33 including the production areas of the cities of Rio Cuarto, Rosario, Villa Maria, Santa Fe, Cordoba, Cruz del Eje, Reconquista and Avellaneda, belonging to the provinces of Cordoba and Santa Fe of the Argentine Republic. The results of Teti F1 and Ascanio F1 are outstanding, and we are in the full process enlarging the production area”.

“Teti F1 has one main and typical quality: its format – analyzes Ing. Federico Ricart – stylized, delicate and aesthetic, it has replaced the traditional forms with its less distal enlargement angle. This is accompanied by a smooth glossy skin, deep black colour and a thornless calyx”.



Productively it is a hybrid with high setting capacity and high individual productivity, without showing physiological or pathological sensitivity. In the post harvest you can notice a long shelf life and the almost absence of seeds, which makes it very attractive to the consumer. For these reasons it caught the attention of producers and buyers.



“Ascanio F1 matches a growing demand for peppers of the ‘Lamuyo’ type, replacing niche segments previously filled with peppers of the blocky type – continues Ricart – in addition to this trend, the hybrid seems to be more productive, thereby satisfying producers and buyers”.



The genetic resistences, mainly to TSWV, has put the variety on top of the producer’s choice. Its stable yielding, in terms of quantity and even more in terms of quality, excellent dimensions in the upper setting (16 cm of longitudinal section), makes it a pepper suitable for both early sowing (July) and late production (December sowing).