We have recently met Eng. Claudio Garde, President of the company Garde, Giusti y Chuchuy of Buenos Aires, our “second generation” distributor of Sais products in Argentina, as the fathers of the current owners were already our distributors.

Sais relationship with Garde, Giusty y Chuchuy is a long-term bond that has started at the end of the 70ies and is in continuous progression.

“Despite the deep economic crisis that has been affecting the country for years, horticulture remains stable in Argentina and requires high-level seeds.

For decades we have been distributing a wide range of Sais seeds which have established themselves in Argentina for their reliability, quality and innovation.

Besides the typically Italian varieties seeds intended for the descendants of Italians, we have also launched various hybrid varieties into our market. Today the Rossetto miniplum tomato, the Teti eggplant and the Ascanio pepper are reference varieties in their range. Sais has particularly stood up in leaf crops field.

Erbette swisschard is appreciated both  for fresh market and for processing thanks to its high yield, up to 20 tons/Ha with 2 cuts, and its edge  which is finer than in other varieties.

Basil has always been the excellence species of Sais. After the introduction of basil Superbo, which stands out for its aroma, we have completed our range offer for Sais basil with varieties Gemma, Geniale, with short internodes, Gentile, resistant to Peronospora, Red Rubin, Greek, Limoncino.

Click here to watch the interview with an Argentinian basil producer”

Chicories Da Taglio (=for cutting) have been expecially sought-after by the descendants of Italians. The Erecta and Darkita rockets have distinguished themselves for their uniformity and bright colour. Lately we have also experienced an increasing request for “oriental brassica varieties” like Mizuna Green, Mizuna Red, Green Mustard, Red Mustard, etc.”