The production of good quality seeds for the Italian market and the markets of over 70 countries around the world has represented the “core business” of SAIS SEMENTI since 1941, the year of its foundation. Breeding and trading activities were subsequently added.

The 2024 crop is therefore the 83rd for SAIS. Each harvest represents the final phase of a long period of agronomic commitments in fields, made up of technical solutions aimed to continuously improve.

The outcome of crops in quantitative and qualitative terms will largely influence our commercial and financial results and the possibility to satisfy our customer requests partially or entirely.

We follow up on our previous communication dated April 2024, which coincided with the exit of crops from winter, to update you on the current status of crops in the early summer phase, when harvests have begun for early species (peas, turnips, rocket, etc.)

The 2023/24 crop season was affected by severe drought in the production areas which, even in irrigated land, limited plant development and production yields.

For the time being, we have average forecasts, but storms in the final phase of the production cycle could represent a threat capable of undermining all the previous good work.

Peas: the autumn sown fields are in the harvesting phase, while the spring sown fields are at the wax-ripe stage. Despite significantly increased surfaces, this year too the availability of peas is expected to be lower than the requested quantities.

The summer crops are performing at average, with healthy fields, clean of weeds and characterized by high uniformity. The basil seed crops, carried out exclusively in Italy and under the daily control of our technicians, who monitor the health aspect and the absence of weeds, are proceeding well.


Bunching onion cultivation has reached a high level of mechanization to cope with the manpower shortage.

Umbelliferae crops,  like dills and carrots, adapt very well to Italian conditions, just like  radishes and beets. The fields are in good conditions.

Onions: the fields have been exposed to a regular schedule of anti-downy mildew treatments and are currently in good conditions.


The path until all the crops will be harvested is still long; we are confident that the technical applications we use, the result of many years of experience, can contribute to obtaining a satisfactory harvest both in quantitative and qualitative terms.

We invite once again our customers to send us advance orders to ensure product availability.