The 2024 commendation was awarded to the company GARDE, GIUSTI y CHUCHUY, exclusive distributor for SAIS  in Argentina.

The trade cooperation with Sais  began in the 80s with the parents of the current President, Dr. Claudio Garde, and the partners Dr Javier Chichuy and Dr Nicolas Giusti, and it was strengthened with continuous progression starting from the 90s.

SAIS is grateful to Garde Giusti y Chuchuy for its commitment to promoting the full range of products that have potential in Argentina, through the high level of market knowledge and technical-commercial skills of its team. There are frequent exchanges of information and updates between the 2 companies through meetings and participation in Field Days in Italy and Argentina respectively.

During over 30 years of collaboration, mutual esteem and friendship have developed between the families of Sais and Garde Giusti companies and human and relational aspects have contributed to providing further added value.