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we are pleased to forward you here enclosed our brochure “BASILICO 2023 – 24 –  AUTHENTIC ITALIAN BASIL AROMA “ .


Our range of “large leaf Genovese type” basil includes varieties selected from plants with a high content of essential oils such as to guarantee the authentic, intense aroma of Italian basil that makes it unique in the world.

Sais offers to demanding producers an assortment of complementary varieties suitable for different crop cycles, uses and market segments.

In particular, the 3 varieties resistant to Downey Mildew (GENTILE, GEMINI and the newest one SA2009) combine agronomic, phytosanitary and organoleptic qualities.

Sais recommends to protect preventively the crops from the pathogen during the crop cycle.


SUPERBO and GECOM are recommended as multipurpose varieties, GEMMA and GENIALE are ideal for pot prodution and other “so-called” minor varieties complete the range of our basils.


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