Below the interview related by Ing. Constantinos Lois , technical manager of LAMBROU AGRO LTD , our Profit Seed brand distributor in Cyprus.


Agriculture is considered one of the main sectors of the Cypriot economy, due to its significant contribution to employment.

The agricultural sector, with coordinated efforts and large investments to improve land and irrigation, reached in the last years very high levels.

It has been for Cyprus from antiquity until a few decades ago the most important sector of economic activity and was and is directly related to the way of life of the Cypriots. That is why agriculture and rural life are so closely linked.

By applying modern agricultural terms and by exploiting our advantages, agricultural production in Cyprus has a future.Of course an important role in coming true that target plays the various varieties of the vegetables we use because of their characteristics which can help for maximum and quality production. Sais Company offers to us this quality with its seeds which are correspond to the nowadays requirements. A few results are the following:


  •    Squash Star8024 F1 A Squash which gives nice shape fruits with attractive deep green color. This variety in Cyprus is planting all over the year especially Spring and Autumn with great results of high production for long period of time.

  •            Watermelon Surprise F1A new entry in our seeds line constitutes watermelon Surprise which has shown great results in the very early plantation (November – December). High production and very good uniformity makes this variety very promising in this specific plantation segment.


  •           Tomato Joyello F1Joyello has given very good impressions during the trials we have had the previous years. That was the key for the growers to start asking for Joyello by its name because of its nice taste which is a special adding for the sales. Very nice shape, high production and perfect taste are the characteristics of that variety.