During the first and the third week of May 2023 there have been heavy floods in Emilia Romagna, in a large area between the provinces of Modena, Bologna, Ravenna, Forlì-Cesena and Rimini, which have caused deaths and extensive damage to homes, buildings, infrastructure and agricultural crops.

SAIS spa expresses closeness and solidarity with the families and companies affected by the flood.

It results from a first summary estimate that more than 7.000 square kilometers soils have been flooded and at least 5.000 farms have reported damage in the Emilia Romagna region.

This area has historically a high seed vocation as several thousand hectares of horticultural seed crops of almost all species are grown every year in Emilia Romagna.


The damages to seed crops will be assessed in the next few weeks, but as of now we already know that part of our current crops for the 2023 harvest will be destroyed or damaged.

Although Sais strategically diversificates its crops in various geographical areas in order to protect itself from the risk of loss in production, we believe that this flood could have repercussions on the unit yields of current crops and consequently on the availability of seed from the 2023 harvest.

We therefore invite our customers to anticipate their requests for seeds from the new harvest for deliveries starting from September 2023