Pink tomato: new varities

SAIS has expanded its fresh tomato range thanks to new hybrids with pink fruit.

The pink tomato belongs to italian traditional agriculture and it is still cultivated for the excellent taste and juicy pulp.

The two hybrids, 113SA366 F1 and 113SA351 F1, recall the tradition of “Sorrentone” and “Cuore di bue” (Oxheart) but with better yield and uniform production compared to the standard varieties.

The variety 113SA366 F1 is “Sorrentone” type, with vigorous plant and regular production.

113SA366 F1

113SA366 F1

The fruit is big, slightly flat and ribbed, pale green with light shoulder and  pink colour at ripening.

The pulp is juicy and extremely tasty.

113SA351 F1 is “Cuore di bue” tomato with medium vigorous plant.

The fruit is heart shaped, medium-big, smooth with pale green colour, pink at ripening.

The pulp is juicy with excellent taste.

113SA351 F1

113SA351 F1