Yuppy!…taste is coming

 Is the SAIS quality brand that wants to identify the varieties that are distinguished by characteristics above the average.

Up to now the two proposals with the YUPPY ! brand are the Kallyspera F1 tomato and the Yup F1 tomato.

Both varieties are salad round tomato, medium-small sized, with dark and very bright green colour and marked shoulder. Beyond the beautiful coloring the varieties are unique by taste: the perfect balance between salinity and sweetness!

Kallyspera F1 is suited variety for salty soils, where high conductivity gives to the tomato a beautiful colour, right size and terrific taste .

Kallyspera F1- Sardegna


Yup F1 is more versatile variety. The coloring and the size are the same even with “sweet water”, obviously the taste is enhanced in salty conditions. That’s why this kind of varieties are cultivated by the sea.


Yup F1- Sicilia

Yup packed with YUPPY! brand